Annual Uday Agnihotri Memorial Awards -2018

(Senior correspondent, Syed Yusuf Ali Naqvi): Uday Agnihotri Memorial Awards was held at India International Centre Annexe, New Delhi by Samadhan Abhiyan, a dedicated NGO to fight Child Sexual Abuse with zero tolerance. The award is given to most deserving candidates doing outstanding work in five fields : Environment, Social awareness, Health, Education and Communal harmony. The chief guest of the programme was Dr. B.L Gaur, an eminent Writer,poet, journalist, Anthropologist and chairman, Gaursons. Guests of honour were Dr. Sunil Kumar Gautam, Special Commissioner of Delhi Police and writer for Social Causes and Dr Anand Kumar Pandey, HOD Cardiology, Max Hospital.
The event also held a panel discuourse on How to Prevent Children from Sexual Offence,conducted by Archana Agnihotri, Director Samadhan Abhiyan. On the panel there were some eminent personalities from different fields-Sh. B.L. Gaur, Sh. Sunil Kumar Gautam, Dr Anand Pandey, Mrs. Jyoti Duhan Rathee (POSCO Head, DCPCR) Dr Sameer Kaul, (Senior consultant, Surgical oncology and Robotics, Apollo Hospital), Sh. Pawan Sharma (Chairman, Bhagini Nivedita College, DU), Sh. Neeraj Pathak (Vice Chairman, Maithilee Bhojpuri Academy), Justice Saxena (Delhi ACMM Court), Sh. Ashok Arora (Eminent Lawyer), Sh. Ashok Lal (Writer and Professor).
 Awards were announced by Sheelam Bajpai, Project and Administrative Director. Vote of thanks was given by Dr SC Pandey, Trustee Director. Media was covered by Mr Jaydeep Mishra. Media coordination was done by Mr Sunit Narula.
Samadhan Abhiyan’s success lies in its dedicated team. Archana Agnihotri, Director S.A ,stated- “to make our country better , we must eradicate Child sexual abuse from India”. Dr. S.C. Pandey  emphasized on the need of active involvement from stakeholders. Sheelam Bajpai  called upon the need for breaking silence against Child Sexual Abuse. Deepika Singh stressed on evolving community friendly methodology. Mr. Vaibhav planned comprehensive strategy to reach the goal. Mr. Jaydeep aimed to involve social media to ensure greater visibility of the event.
“POCSO means protection of children from sexual offences ,लेकिन वास्तविकता यह है कि इसमें से शब्द प्रोटेक्शन ही गायब है या यों कहैं कि भ्रष्ट तंत्र इसे पूरी तरह से लागू नहीं होने देता ,अन्यथा बच्चों पर दिन पर दिन  बढ़ रहे जुल्मों में बढ़ोतरी न हो रही होती ।” –By Dr B.L.Gaur, chairman , Gaursons.
“We are  focusing on holistic rehabilitation and total justice of victims” – By Dr. Jyoti Duhan Rathee, POCSO head, DCPCRDr Luvlesh Mahato, professor, IIT delhi, Mrs Angelie Multani, associate dean(student welfare), IIT delhi, Justice Vivek Bansal.
About Samadhan Abhiyan
Samadhan Abhiyan is a non-governmental organization and envisions a world where every child’s right to be free from sexual abuse becomes a reality. It believes that if a handful of people understand that Humanity is the core Religion then dream of better India is achieved.

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