Uber to ramp up R&D centres in India

Cab aggregator Uber is looking at ramping up human resource at its R&D centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad, the company’s head for India & South Asia markets Pradeep Parameswaran said on Thursday.

“We have started to push for localisation of our products and initiatives the tech centre we have in Bangalore and Hyderabad are scaling up rapidly. There is tremendous amount of pressure on those teams to hire but more importantly they are building products for markets like India from those centres,” he told to INS India.

He further pointed out its Uber Lite application, designed to work in low-connectivity areas, is an example of India first innovation. The application was recently launched in Latin America as well. Additionally, he said the company will soon launch a new two-way call anonymisation feature on its platform. Post this, while drivers and riders will be able to reach out to each other, their mobile number will remain anonymous.

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